Offering a wide range of shipping & logistics services and solutions in the Middle East.


  • End to end shipping & logistics solutions that can be customized as per the client’s requirements.
  • Assisting you to improve your business flow and operations by shouldering the hard and complicated work.
  • We believe in long-term relationships and not short-term gains or quick profits.
  • Building trust and operating with high levels of integrity and professionalism are the core foundations of our business.  We value our investors, customers, partners and employees.
  • An impeccable track record of over 2 decades and a partner network of leading business houses in the Middle East prove our strong commitment towards adding value and helping our customers achieve success in their business.



With a very strong network of shipping lines and international partners, NAZZ Express handles all types of ocean freight whether LCL or FCL from any location to the GCC.

Coupled with very strong clearance team and abilities, NAZZ Express will provide seamless services door to door.


Our core strength where we serve all types of cargo (express or economic) to the region. This service goes hand in hand with our value-added service which is the IOR (importer of record). This proved to be a highly effective service especially for international traders who sell locally in the region through e- commerce platforms such as Amazon or Noon.com.

Nazz can import the goods under it’s name and resell on behalf of the seller locally and manage all finances and inventory which makes it a one-window service.


Nazz express owns its own warehouses that are mainly used for day-to-day activities such as receiving, packing and fulfilment, plus we have warehouses in other locations in the UAE via our extensive network of providers.

We accommodate temperature-controlled cargo (frozen, chilled, ambient) as well as dry. We also provide value added service like: packing, repacking, segregation, labelling, and last mile delivery (UAE-KSA).


Our experience in customs clearance and compliance goes back more than 15 years in the region. We handle all types of cargo and categories for mega companies in terms of compliance, government activities and clearance such as Amazon for several years till date with zero problems or complaints. We pride ourselves to be the fastest plus the most compliant to the rules and regulation.

The full array of clearance services is mapped as below:

  • Shipment collection from origin (Air-Land-Sea).
  • Using Nazz Express name for import and clearance (IOR).
  • Items registration before arrival (SASO-SABER-SAUDI SFDA-ESMA UAE-Dubai Municipality etc.)
  • Redistribution or final delivery to the customer.

Importer of record

An important service that NAZZ EXPRESS provides to its trusted partners internationally. All international sellers face a problem when exporting to the region specially to Amazon FBA which makes it costly for sellers to have a local license in UAE or KSA.

Nazz Express here makes its experience as well as services available for those sellers. IOR benefits include also items registration before importation to the region. Get in touch with our team to know more.

Registration & Inspection services

We have strong partnership with the biggest registration companies in the region to facilitate inspection and registration services in bodies like: TRA, ESMA, Dubai Municipality, SFDA in Saudi Arabic as well as SASO and SABER registration.

We have the fastest lead time and the cheapest rates compared to other companies because we believe that this service is just a means of support and not a job on it’s own.


NAZZ Express has its own fleet and partnered with several providers at the same time to eliminate disruption even in high seasons. Our process does not change regardless of the market shortage of vehicle (unlike other providers who increase rates based on market fluctuation).

We have dedicated weekly fleet departing from UAE to KSA and vice versa carrying multiple types of goods:

  • Perfume & cosmetics
  • Fashion and fashion accessories
  • Spare parts
  • Toys (outdoor-indoor)
  • Packaging materials
  • Raw materials
  • Cars
  • Home appliances and gardens.
  • Etc.

We can provide LTL or FTL (less than truck or full truck load) on weekly basis with very economic rates and short transit. This is most effective for bulky cargo in general. Because of the relative short transit, clients prefer this method rather than air for better savings. All our fleet of trailers are covered and some are temperature controlled for some categories for better protection against the weather and heat. Our land services include:

  • Receiving cargo in our facilities for inspection and packing.
  • Palletization and shrink wrapping with proper labeling to eliminate any errors.
  • Preparation of shipping documents (Nazz as exporter for consolidated cargo) such as invoice
  • packing list, certificate of origin and SASO (SABER Certificate).
  • Clearance of goods at the border via our dedicated agent.
  • Payment of government customs duty and VAT.
  • Deconsolidation of products on arrival and final delivery to the end receivers with delivery notes.


The Automobile Logistics division (powered by our partner CSS Logistics) allows for effective and environmental friendly loading of vehicles, to specialized handling of high-end vehicles, becoming a trusted name in the auto logistics field today.


  • Specialized racking of vehicles
  • Auto-racking for loading multiple vehicles in containers
  • Experienced in handling luxury & sports cars
  • Large storage facilities
  • Technical services on request
  • In-house documentation and clearance facilities
  • Door-to-door services offered


  • Facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Bahrain and Oman
  • Exceptionally strong worldwide network
  • Operations managed by CSS Group technology

Last Mile Delivery

We cover all UAE and KSA when it comes to last mile delivery using our fleet and contracted partners. Our vehicles are temperature controlled (ambient-chilled-frozen) however we can use dry normal vehicles and means for delivery if the client chooses.

Interested To Know How We Can Help Your Business?



Nazz Express has always been at the forefront of new market trends and innovations in Business.  We are constantly upgrading and innovating our services and solutions to offer assistance to our customers and partners through customized solutions.

We are proud to state that we play an important role in the E-commerce revolution in the region. Having anticipated the boom of E-commerce much in advance, we worked towards introducing special customized solutions required to handle the growing E-commerce market.

Having the first-mover advantage in this segment, we have been successful in exceeding client expectations and have emerged as an essential partner for most leading retailers operating online.

Understanding the challenges and obstacles of cross-border business, we developed end-to-end solutions for all international inbound to the Middle East. We strategically established hubs in the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia to cater for clearance and delivery as well as grew our network of agents in strategic locations across the globe, especially China, USA and in Europe. 

How Can We Assist You?

  • End to End Shipping: We will arrange the shipment from your doorstep to the destination warehouse. We will act as EOR and IOR (Exporters & Importers of Records) which will ensure seamless operations and you will have complete peace of mind. We will process all export documents on your behalf and take full responsibility and risk of the cargo. We will pay customs duty and VAT, if applicable, and finally, provide receiving notes.
  • Clearance Activities: We can act as your clearing agents in the region and you may have the option to be your own EOR & IOR. This way you can control the first mile of your shipments but at the same time, you can ensure error-free clearance and delivery activities.
  •  Customized SolutionsWe can customize and offer specific services as per the requirements of your business. We have a successful track record of providing exceptional services and solutions to leading E-commerce businesses and retail entities in the Middle East. Benefit from our expertise to clear all categories of products and cargo.

For more information and details please contact our customer service. We can tailor specific services for your business. All in all, we adapted to all E-commerce needs in the Middle East where you can utilize our expertise to clear all categories and all types of cargo.


Contact us to discuss your requirements.